Early bird: Berlin eFoil Group Ride May 13th 2023 - registration only

eFoil owner watch out - registration for the biggest eFoil Group Ride worldwide in Berlin - the registration fee includes participation in the day's activities including the Group Ride and a Lift Foils goodie bag. It does not include the after-ride party. The registration plus after-ride party ticket can be purchased separately. Please note: for eFoil owners only

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Geschenk-Gutschein Einzel-Kurs

Geschenk-Gutschein Zweier-Kurs

Geschenk-Gutschein 90-Minuten-Leihe

5er Karte eFoil-Leihe - Black 600

150€ Sparen
Black 600 - 5x eFoil-Leihe

10er Karte eFoil-Leihe (auch zu Zweit)

500 EUR sparen
10er Karte eFoil-Leihe

Wertgutschein 50€

Wertgutschein 100€

Wertgutschein 200€

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